Stella Estee Samantha


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Watch these videos that I direct and write scripts for.

The objective is to raise awareness of Ashwagandha through a story about how it has helped the resource overcome her mental health issue.

Anything spoken by the interviewee is sourced & developed from her own experiences.

Brand: Mindlab

The video's purpose is to educate the audience about stress-caused depression.

We aim for the audience to be more aware of their mental state and immediately seek help if needed by giving educational content.

Brand: Mindlab

Social Media Contents

A collection of captions, image wording, photoshoot, and design direction that I've done.

Brands' social media accounts which I handled:

In-Store Communications

Worked on copy for Kawan Lama Group's in-store pieces, including product knowledge materials, signage, headline and more.

Digital Campaigns

Social Media's campaigns that I managed and handled


Brand: Mindlab


  • Free gimmick
  • Collaboration activity


To convey a message of how CALM-AX, as Mindlab's main product, can solve everyone's problems, especially in improving one's lifestyle.


Brand: Mindlab


  • Free gimmick
  • Webinar
  • Giveaway
  • KOL collaboration


Due to the pandemic period that makes people feel stressed about many things, Mindlab wants to encourage people to become better and healthier people with its product, CALM-AX.


Awareness, Social Media and Web Insights

Waktu Indonesia Herbal (WIH)

Brand: Mindlab


  • Free hampers
  • Workshop
  • Giveaway
  • KOL and media collaboration
  • Instagram Challenge


Aims to introduce Ashwagandha as a sole material for CALM-AX. In addition, we also wrapped this campaign with a herbal theme to stop the bad stigma of "Supplements"


Awareness, Social Media and Web Insights

Brand Guidelines

An example of guidelines I made for brand communication in-store purposes

Content Operations

I was in charge of managing in-app feature and content for Resso. Resso is a music app that lets the listeners express themself and connect through the tracks they love


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